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More then ever - being in the middle of major global economic and geopolitical shifts – most people would like to know what lies ahead of us.

We all like to make the right decisions for our families, jobs, business and future generations in the here and now.

It is first about having clear what are your private and company goals, what do you wish to realize in your life and create for others, where is your added value, where can you perform best and give the best of yourself to support the development of individuals and society (see life coaching). And do you wish to be a conscious business with innovating and intelligent operating teams?

First we have to face and acknoledge what is happening right now in your setting and sector, in the middle of a changing global world and what might be happening in the near or far away future. A good start is besides consulting your own people, to invite and talk with people with very different backgrounds than from your usual networks and brainstorm and bring all inputs together and see what external forces are present for your organization or might be activated on a more global level. Joining all information and the building of future scenarios is one of the essential tools to gain some insight and create a kind of future maps.

We have seen however that although future scenario building is practiced worldwide that the credit crunch and the Covid-19 crisis have not been foreseen by most people meanwhile it influenced and influences all our lives, threaten the continuation of jobs and companies on a worldwide scale.

So what was and is missing ? Full data, an overview and complete information was missing - that is only partly correct, as there have been people warning about several crises to come, and nobody was taking them serious, but there is more.

It is the connecting to the future from a deep belly feeling, from intuition, or wherever the future is presenting information in your consciousness of body, mind and soul.

You, your people and organization know more in fact then you are aware of and wish to know. An important question is do you really wish to know what might be going to happen ? That is an important issue – it might be painful to face a possible future reality.

But it is better to face it now then to put your head in the sand and be prepared for what is going to come, better for you, your health and happiness, that of your family, your company and your employees.

What can we offer ? First the building of future scenarios – which you may have already done for your own private life or company -, make some future maps based on the information that exist in your private life, network or organization.

Then we have to learn to tune in deep in ourselves if we and you know more actually then you recognize or wish to recognize. We will have to create a higher sensibility for information that is already present and that is stored in one way or another in our consciousness and wishes to express itself. How we are going to do that, is the secret and a personal approach tailor made for every situation. But it is obvious that we have to go inward deeply first, check the outcome by rational analysis and with adapted future scenarios - before we can go outward and take the necessary strategic decisions.

Soul 2 Vision.