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  • Online meetings, coaching and healings are always possible, even when traveling. Feel free to contact through Whatsapp and Skype.

  • Dec 2023 & Jan 2024: Meditation in the Argentinean Andes on private individual basis or very small groups. Feel free to contact us.

  • 2023: Grouptravel with daywalks on Cuba, from West to East Cuba in 23 days, can be tailormade to shorter roundtrips of course of 10 to 14 days. When planned well ahead, available any month of the year. This unique and amazing grouptrip has been guided already many times by us, see: see more info here

  • Some moment in 2024 / 2025 we are planning to visit the womens coffee cooperative and NGO Madre Solar in the Andes of Venezuela again. Soul2Vision supports Madre Solar. We plan to be there around the coffee harvest time in January - March so we can help with picking of the coffee with all families. In case you would like to join and practice your Spanish at the same time and see more of Venezuela, then contact us for further details, about Venezuela and about our Madre Solar coffee project.

See: Madre Solar Project

  • When you wish to volunteer with the coffee harvest and other activities, we receive you on the airport of Merida. You will stay at a homestay in the mountains, at the farm and in Merida. We are linked to the University of Merida, you are invited to share, teach and learn. You can also travel with us. One of the optional excursions is to go in the Andes and visit Los Llanos and observe wildlife and birdlife.

  • Grouptravels through South Peru, contact us for possible itineries, prices and dates for 2024. This inspiring grouptrip has been guided already many times by us, see more info here.

We also offer Vivencial travels at various Latin American destinations, these are group travels with a focus on deepening with yourself and all around.

To invite you to step out of the routines of the mind & busy life and to really connect from your playfulness & joy, to feel life and your freedom from within, to enjoy the simple things, the sensuality of the body and the art of just being. Latin America has everything to offer you this experience.

Requisites for participation are in whatever type of travel: feeling of abundance, joy, an open heart or at least to be willing to feel and connect, willing to drop the mind when it is necessary, respect your guides and Mother nature, and bring a good sense of humour so that we all can enjoy.

The private or tourguide(s) that accompany you have been educated for many years in schools of healing arts, and they still are. When being with yourself at all levels has your deeper interest, contact us and we invite you to travel with us in a private guided travel or group travel designed by us.


Every week we have an Inner Circle Meditation. People in online meditation and healing classes we can connect with and share energy in triangular connections.

Feel free to Contact us and have a meeting by Whatsapp, Skype or Zoom