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We like to share a way of travelling & coaching that is intense, inspirational, creating new visions & horizons, with a playful touch creating a feeling of being reborn.

You are looking for an intense retreat of 3 - 7 days, creating new visions for your personal life or business & going inward ? It is possible in a one to one coaching process in the Andes mountains, in a luxury retreat, camping, staying in boutique pousadas, skiing in the Andes with a beachstay at the Atlantic rainforest & Rio de Janeiro.

It all depends on you what you are looking for and what you need.

You will be invited to step out of the routines of the mind & busy life and to really connect from your playfulness & joy, to feel life from within, to enjoy the simple things and the sensuality of just being. The Andes has everything to meet this and your Essence.

We also can create tailor made travel projects for groups. We offer programs through the Andes of Peru, Altiplano of Bolivia, Atacama desert & the Andes of Argentina. Yoga, healing arts, personal coaching, visualizing & manifesting new life goals, meditation, observing the stars, specialized teachings, they can be all ingredients of your travel with us.

Requisites for participation are:

  • feeling of abundance,

  • joy,

  • an open heart or at least to be willing to feel and connect,

  • willing to drop the mind when it is necessary

  • and bring a good sense of humour so that we all can enjoy.