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We wish to create a better world for all of us, not only the happy few in the first, second or third world but for all of us. Is that too much to ask? No, every intelligent and well educated child with the heart on the right spot you would ask this, they would say the same. As we share all the same dream.

We can not only realize our own goals and forget about the wellbeing of all the others on this planet that are struggling every day for food and medicine on daily basis. Besides all that our planet is in big danger and we risk that our planet Earth that really could be a paradise ends up like a desert as Mars. We can not wait till most of humanity is ready to make the change, besides most of humanity lives on a survival mode every day, they have no time for making changes. So what needs to be done? We really need to change drastically our Global Economy first, capitalism and communism and all in between did and does not work. We need a big change.

So what can we do? Get smart, connect and invent a new system of how to organize our economy in a new way. To be brave to change, to give up our comforts in return for solidarity and to be a true human being with a flowering heart. You will feel challenged by your mind and those of all other minds around you but you will feel so more happy as you will feel really human, a radiant being of Love, part of a community and the Universe.

We are ready to start with workshops to discuss, to inspire and bring the best ideas to the surface of how to change the global economy and get them into work. And lets see where we go. We have interesting ideas and like them to be tested of course. With all new technology as you can see with Uber app, Airbnb platforms and blockchain technology changes can be created worldwide. A start point is in our opinion that every human should have sufficient food, childcare, medication and a decent housing and that we all take care of each other that this happens. From here we can start building further on. This new global economy is technology related and will work with indexes how we take care of each other and how we take care of the planet. A new global economy is one of mathemathics with a heart and with Love. You can listen to all the contras, all the secondary thoughts, do not fall in the mind traps, listen to your heart and supreme intelligence and get involved. Challenge us to give a workshop, start working as well, improve your visions and our ideas. We can and have to do it all together.

We need for every human being free access to healthy food, child and mothercare, medication and education, all for free. To have a decent home for everyone to live in, and not unimportant to have a piece of land to work on, for everyone. As a basis, respecting the human rights as defined in all protocols and international laws. As a start. How to get there and how to protect such a setup from being destroyed by opposed forces? This we would like to set up in workshops, personal meetings, online and conference settings. Where we have to arrive, how to start, and how to protect the building up process. Important is to start, it does not matter how. Failure is not an issue, there will be many, it does not matter, it is part of the creative process to fail. Important is to lit the fire. Each spark somewhere in the world, each being with an open and brave heart with courage to stand for who he or she really is can make a big change. You can be one of these brave hearts.

To believe in a better world and that it is possible, to believe that we can act out of Solidarity and out of Love, you need to be strong, stand as a rock, believe in yourself and be a hero, a new motivated and inspired leader. You are a hero on this planet when you dare to Love and act out of Love. It is not about talking, it is about acting. Love is what we all are in Essence.

We are all unique and everyone will have another vision on how to get to a better world with a new global economy. But am very sure that all of us in our hearts we wish and dream of the same, as in our essence we all come from the same universal home.

Ideas for co-partnerships, fund raising and events that serve the future of our children and the planet? Feel free to contact us. We empower a cooperative and NGO in the Andes. We love ideas and teamwork to start creating…

Soul 2 Vision empowers Madre Solar, a womens coffee cooperation and NGO in the Andes of Venezuela. Their vision is to provide solidarity to the entire coffee community in the area, striving to improve the quality of the life of children and families of the coffee communities. See Madre Solar Project

With your contribution you support local families on your destination of travel and you make it for us possible to keep on supporting mothers and children in the Andes of Venezuela through this cooperation and NGO. Through their different programs the cooperative aspire to offer training technique in administration, management, accounting, among others and offer scholarships to students and subsidies to primary schools in rural coffee communities, as well as inspire to new forms of community economic organization. See more info, here

We invite you to connect to us and have a meeting by Skype / Zoom o Jitsi and/or fly in and have a meeting on location.