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Life Coaching

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Whatever your circumstances, your life is in transition, or should be in transition as your heart is telling you but it is not happening…

This is where you may need a deep support and professional relationship with a Life Coach to give your life that movement so that it can change in the direction you are looking for !

You might be an executive or the owner of a successful small business looking to find balance between the demands of work and the needs of your family. You might be an empty-nester looking to make a difference in the lives of others but not sure which direction to choose. Maybe it’s simply that you want your already great relationship to be spectacular.

Here’s what Life Coaching offers you:

As your Life Coach, we’ll help you discover what’s really most important to you in your life. Then we’ll help you design a plan to achieve those things. We’ll work with you to discover, recognize, transform and letting go of your obstacles and mindsets that stand in your way. We’ll partner with you all the way to success. Then we’ll celebrate with you!

Soul2Vision life coaching adhere to a form of coaching that honors the client as the expert in his/her life and work and believes that every client is creative, resourceful, whole and can be aligned with the Universe. Standing on this foundation, the coach’s responsibility is to:

  • Discover, clarify, and align with what you wish to achieve;

  • Encourage your self-discovery to deeper levels and accompany you on this journey;

  • Inspire and accompany you to the realization of your heart path & true being;

  • Focus you on your creative sources and connection to the abundance of the Universe;

  • Elicit on tailormade solutions and strategies that work for you;

  • Create awareness that you are co-responsible and accountable for the success.

Professional Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organizations. Through the process of coaching, you deepen your learning, improve your performance, and enhance your quality of life.

In each meeting, we or you choose the focus of conversation, while listening and contributing with observations and questions. This interaction creates clarity and moves you into action. Coaching accelerates the your progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice. Coaching concentrates on where you are now and what you are willing to do to get where you want to be in the future. Soul2Vision coaches recognize that results are a matter of the your intentions, choices and actions, supported by the coach’s efforts and application of the coaching process.

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