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Energy Mapping

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We offer the following energy consults and the option to learn yourself: 


  • When you wish to buy a piece of land for construction it is important to find out if it is the correct location energywise for your project and how to improve and heighten the energy field. Idem for the construction of a house.


When it concerns a bigger area you are looking at we can make an energy map based on all our perceptions. 


  • When you have a house and it is not functioning well energywise for you or your family to find out what can be done to improve the energyfield in and around the house and keep it well functioning. 


  • When you have a project or business and it is not functioning well to find out which energy flows are blocked and keep you away from a creative natural flow. This can be in you but it can be also external, both can and should be solved. You can learn with us how to make the energy flow work again and keep it going. 

All is being based on being humble, receptive, to learn to listen, trust all your senses and to be grateful for the Love that accompanies all of us.


Ideas for co-partnerships, fund raising and events that serve the future of our children and the planet? Feel free to contact us. We empower a cooperative and NGO in the Andes. We love ideas and teamwork to start creating…


Soul2Vision empowers a womens coffee cooperation and NGO in the Andes of Venezuela. Their vision is to provide solidarity to the entire coffee community in the area, striving to improve the quality of the life of children and families of the coffee communities.

With your contribution you support local families on your destination of travel and you make it for us possible to keep on supporting mothers and children in the Andes of Venezuela through this cooperation and NGO. Through their different programs the cooperative aspire to offer training technique in administration, management, accounting, among others and offer scholarships to students and subsidies to primary schools in rural coffee communities, as well as inspire to new forms of community economic organization.

We invite you to connect to us and have a meeting by Skype / by Google hangouts / by the Conversations app (still in development) and/or fly in and have a meeting on location.