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Aqua Healing™

Water Journeys & Water healing dance, Deep relaxation integrated with energy & bodywork in warm water . Aqua Healing™ is a new and highly progressive program combining thousands of years of teaching and new ways of deep relaxation.

Aqua Healing™ is an integration of energy and bodywork, meditation & movement.

Aqua Healing™ is a trademark proudly serving since 1997

What is Aqua Healing™ ?

Aqua Healing is a form of body- and energywork which takes place in a warm water pool of 34 - 36ºC. It combines elements of soft stretching movements, dance, massage, and watsu (shiatsu in water) as well as subtle energy healingwork in a unique way above and below the water surface. Specially designed movements allow your whole spine to swing and your energy to flow through all parts of your body. The weightlessness of the body in the water gives you the opportunity to be moved in a very new way. The body relaxes and allows one to perceive with a state of heightened awareness and to flow into stillness.

Water Journeys, the sequence:

  • Pranic Massage & Touch with support of floaters /
  • Bodywork, Waterdance, Energetic healing & Meditation, above and below the water surface /
  • Grounding & Soultime for coming back

This is an example of the sequence of a session. Working one on one with the practitioner you are invited into the Aqua Healing process.

The word “prana” means life energy. The life force & healing energy which comes through the practitioner is applied in gentle and sculpting movements to the body. This encourages a shift in awareness to a higher state coupled with a deep sense of relaxation. You float in the warm water with the help of special floating devices under your head and knees. After this phase the floaters are removed and you are held and moved completely by your practitioner above the water surface. When you are deeply relaxed and filled with trust the underwater phase begins. You will receive a soft noseclip that protects your nose from water entering, while you are gently submerged. A “waterdance” above and below the surface develops following the movements of the body and soul. The attunement from the heart between the “giver” and “receiver” combined with the movements and silence in the warm water, creates a deep healing experience as if you are floating in a womb. Finally the grounding technique is applied at the wall of the pool where water meets matter. You are fully rebalanced & restored…

When you enjoy to be taken care of without having to do anything and to experience all what there is, then a “waterdance” might be of great joy and value. A session nourishes the soul and allows you to trust on a very deep level. If you have physical or emotional pain or tensions the waterwork is an excellent opportunity to let acceptance and inner softness to come in. Long held tension patterns of the body and mind unwind and latent patterns of playful movements begin to emerge. A watersession offers you a safe and warm ambience where you can share who you are and what is.

Aqua Healing sessions long term lead to:

  • deepening of relaxation in body and mind, breathing & concentration
  • release of pain in body or mind systems
  • development of moving mobility, perception, non verbal communication,
  • feelings of well being and safety in the body and in the soul,feelings of love and understanding, and belief and confidence in one’s own talents
  • development of harmony and flow within the energetic system
  • openness to the love, joy and divinity we are and always have been


The sessions in Buenos Aires - Argentina are given in a warm water pool in Palermo - Villa Crespo. The sessions in the Netherlands are usually given in a pool in Amsterdam, in Brasil in Rio de Janeiro and in Peru in Lima. The pools are rented for a watersession of one hour and are only used by us. If you would like to receive a session longer than one hour, this can be booked in advance.

The first session includes an explanation of all the steps before entering the waterpool. A session includes always a sharing afterwards. We are open for invitations for sessions and/or workshops in other parts of the world.

In Aqua Healing the same or similar waterdance movements are integrated as used in Watsu, Aqua Wellness, Waterdance, Water healing dance, Jahara or Oceanic Aqua balancing with additions of Pranic healing, Reflexology, Aroma & Gem therapy and the Art of Being.