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Online Services

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See what applies to you, connect by chat or mail in case you have questions and would like to know more about online coaching.

  • Vision & Strategy, connect to the present and future and develop the best strategies for your company and/or your private surroundings. First session 60-90 mins.

  • Life Coaching, discover what is most important for you in your life and how to realize your life goals. First session 60 mins.

  • Newleadership, stand for your ideals and who you really are within realizing your goals. First session 60 mins.

  • Tailormade Travel, how to design travels, become a specialist in tailormade travels, work with local teams and travel as much as you like while working online. First session 60 mins.

  • Digital Entrepreneur, discover your passions together with new ways to create a side income online and become step by step independent. First session 60 mins.

Online Travel Consult

We are specialists in tailormade trips for Latin America Journeys. We work with question lists, interviews by tel / Skype / Jitsi , listen to all travel wishes and try to realize always a best fit itinery for each individual request.

When you prefer to travel independently and enjoy planning your own trip this can be part of a tailormade travel and we also might assist you. It can be lots of fun and satisfying to do the main part of the research and trip planning yourself long before you start traveling. As long as you have enough time and patience to do the research at home first of course.

In case you like to create your own independent travel but still wish to make use of the expertise of travel specialists in order to move forward with your plans: we may offer travel consults for a fee based on the hrs estimated. For a quick start a payment can be made by using Paypal, its benefits and buyer protection.

When it turns out in a later stage that you prefer to have your trip to be booked with us we will first check all the trip details, evt adapt the trip design, make a quote and discount the hours already paid with the quotation. All tailor made.

Online Rebalancing:

  • Meditation & Rebalance class, to become quiet, learn how to breath deeply and balance and reconnect with whom you really are. First session 45 min.

  • Every sunday we have an Inncer Circle Meditation, for this you need to be invited. People in online newleadership, meditation and healing classes that are committed to be who they really are we can connect to and send energy.

  • For emotional and/or mental emergencies we provide some breathing techniques that will purify the higher chakras instantly and give direct mental relief followed by a meditation class to create inner harmony. First session in this case 45-60 min. This is usually just a start, it needs to be repated for at least several days, we learn you how to do that.

A Pranic Healing from distance may accompany a traject of Meditation & Coaching when requested and the situation requires.

We invite you to connect to us and have a meeting by Skype / Jitsi or by Zoom and/or fly in and have a meeting on location. Soul 2 Vision.